New Era Handling agency was promoted by Shri V. G. Jadhav, Shri Atul V. Jadhav, Smt. Ratnaprabha V. Jadhav in the year 1978, to undertake the work as Contractors of Zuari Industries ‘Bagging Plant’.

  • Later the group diversified in barge operations, registering New Era Barges Pvt. Ltd in 1983, with Mr. Atul V. Jadhav, Mr. V. G. Jadhav and Mrs. Ratnaprabha V. Jadhav, as Directors. The Company purchased a barge m.v. “GOPAL”.
  • The group i.e. New Era Handling Agency & New Era Barges Pvt. Ltd., was managed by Shri Atul V. Jadhav. Two barges were purchased in the subsequent years.
  • New Era Barges Pvt Ltd was renamed as New Era Shipping Ltd and now it is renamed again as New Era Shipping Pvt Ltd w.e.f. from 17.09.11.
  • During the year 2005-06, the Company entered into shipping business and acquired their first sea going vessel m.v. “HERMEEZ”. A sister vessel m.v. “KINSHIP MODESTY” was acquired in the year 2006-07.

At present we have expanded our business and now we are looking after the Management of the following ships of M/s Chowgule & Co Pvt Ltd.

  1. Chowgule 7 (Since July,14)
  2. Chowgule 8 (Since Oct,14) &
  3. Chowgule 11 (Since May,15).